Event & Promotion

Coway February 2019 Special Offers

  • Offers valid from January 30, 2019 through February 27, 2019
  • Offers(including price discount and gift with purchase offers) not valid with any other offers
No. Promotion Promotion Item Sale Type Description Note
1 $100 Discount Bidet : BA-13
Watersoftener : BB-14BUS
Rental Registration Fee $100 Discount
  • Registration Fee $100 section only
  • Not applicable for re-rental
2 Purchase Special Promotion Bidet : BA-13
Watersoftener : BB-14BUS
Purchase Sales Price 10% off
  • Discount applies before sales tax
3 Water Filtration Appliance Special Promotion Water Filtration Appliance: Exculdes P series models Rental With New rental, get Re:NK Cosmetic 1 set
  • Not applicable for re-rental
  • Registration Fee $100 section only
  • Limit 1 gift per person
  • This promotion is only valid when order registered and net-ordered within the promotion period.
  • For any rental/purchase with this offer, statement name and payment method cannot be changed within 6 months.
  • For registration fee discounted orders, commissions are calculated based on the registration fee section before discount.
  • ‘3 Month Reorders’ are not valid for commissions.