Coway stand type water purifier CHP-590L


  • User friendly features
  • 5-stage filtration system dispensing clean, purified water
  • Easily place-able in compact interior living/office space
  • Stylish design


100 in stock



  • [only 26cm wide and more large capacity ice warm vertical water dispenser]
  • Small business, studio & school and general family
  • Pure drinking water, three kinds of water temperature, very clean and drinkable
  • Won the WQA American Water Quality Association Gold Award
  • All filter elements are NSF certified
  • LED ice hot water temperature display – LED lamp column knows whether hot water and ice water have reached the preset temperature
  • Airtight water tank – to prevent indirect dust, insects and other foreign matter pollution, a small number of removable cleaning water tanks in business models, clean and more peace of mind
  • In the vertical water purifying water dispenser, the smallest size does not occupy space, and the aesthetic design taste is unique.
  • Safety device lock – prevent improper operation and accidental burns
  • Detachable water storage tank and water outlet design – can be disinfected and cleaned, reducing the possibility of any dirt and dirt
  • Smart energy-saving mode (ice and hot water can be turned off by themselves) Optional to turn off unnecessary ice or hot water, eliminating unnecessary electricity and heat
  • Overheating and overcooling prevention device
  • Abnormal warning function
  • Front drain button – no need to move the machine

Instructions for use
Shipping and installation instructions:
(1) Please call the customer service hotline 0809-080118 after the order is established to arrange the basic installation time.
(2) The basic installation location must be Taiwan’s main island. If it is temporarily unable to provide the installation service to the island or foreign countries, this product can be installed through simple self-installation steps. The product package is also accompanied by detailed self-installation instructions. for reference.
(3) In the Huadong area and remote mountainous areas, an additional installation fee of 1,000 yuan is required.
(4) If there is no wire outlet at the installation location, a separate power supply is required, and the wiring cost is calculated depending on the site conditions.
(5) According to the Consumer Protection Law, consumers of a particular channel are entitled to a seven-day hesitation period after the product arrives, but the returned product must be brand new and packaged in an unused state (maintaining products, accessories, packaging, manufacturers). The integrity of the carton and all accompanying documents or materials), otherwise the return will not be accepted.
(6) If the product is inspected and completed after acceptance, it will not be sold as a normal product. If it is still required to be returned, the product disassembly and assembly fee of 1,500 yuan will be charged, which will be charged when the disassembly and assembly service is ca