Fujimedic Massage Chair

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This chair has some amazing features and is $8,999 on the market. It includes a 44-inch L-Track technology which can give you a full body massage with its wider coverage than other chairs. The heated 4D rollers give you an innovative heated, deep tissue, spine focused, human-like massage. The rollers also focus on specific acupuncture points to help keep you to your optimal health. The heat from the roller is designed to feel like real hands giving you a massage.

This chair is equipped with a back-scanning sensor which is a high-performance A.R.M microprocessor which combines the sensors built into the chair so it can respond quickly as well as accurately. Another great feature of this chair is the 3D heated knee therapy which uses air compression and heat to massage your knees. It also uses shiatsu foot rolling with an air pressure massage on your feet for advanced reflexology.

This massage chair has a total of 64 air bags throughout the chair along with 12 automatic programs for you to choose from. You can pick a massage such as Gentle, Thai, Swedish, Spine Care, Stretch, and many others. There is also an option to design your own massage in Custom Massage Mode. It also offers the zero-gravity feature along with a touch screen remote tablet and chromotherapy and Bluetooth speakers. The sophisticated designs of the chair are innovative themselves with PU leather and aluminum plated accents.

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Next Level Of Full Body Massage

Many massage chair claim full body massage, however the Fujimedic Kumo’s enhanced 44 inch L-track gives wider coverage and reaches more points. Invigorating neck, shoulder, mid-back, and lower-back massage is available via the L-track coverage. Leg and foot massage is facilitated within the “footrest’ portion of the chair, which comes with sole massage rollers and airbags for compression.

4D Heated Rollers

The Fujimedic Kumo is a categorical improvement in conventional massage chairs. It is the