Massage chairs are great for your health both physically and mentally. They can help you to relax after a long day at work and rather than spending money every week on a professional massage therapist, you can save your money. Massage chairs will work out the kinks and knots in your body from hunching over a computer all day, or playing sports, or help you with back pain like sciatica. Purchasing a massage chair can be expensive but it’s a great investment overall and will help you in your everyday life. The health benefits are incredible from improving your posture, relaxing and stretching your muscles, to reducing stress, relieving back pain and improving your mental health. Massage chairs are an investment and so worth it! The problem now is which one is the right one for you?

LuracoiRobotics 7 Plus Massage Chair (17)

This is the seventh generation of iRobotics and brings together a wide range of massage therapy techniques as well as health enhancements, including entertainment features. This chair is made in USA and retails at $8,990. It was awarded the “Best of Show” by Residential System in the CEDIA Tech Show, “Best Quality in Home Furnishings” by Innovation and Tech Today Magazine, “Best of CES Award” in Health and Fitness, and International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). It is also the selected massage chair brand for the U.S Military Bases and Veterans – VA Hospitals.

This chair has a powerful operating system with a smart touch screen as well as an easy to use remote similar to that of Smartphones. It has a touch screen controller and allows you to easily use and see the operation system. Another great feature is the high-qualityBluetoothspeakers, so you can use your Smartphone to stream music while you relax. It also has an option that measures blood pressure and heart rate, so you can keep track of your health. It has seven human voice command system in English, Vietnamese, Spanish, German, French, Japanese and Korean.

The recommendations for height are 6,7” and 300lbs in weight so it can be used by those considered heavier. The chair even has intelligent sensor technology for length detections for your body shape, leg length, and neck shape. It has a 3-layered foot and calf massager as well as featuring a zero-gravity technology to help improve blood circulation. This chair is high quality and in the higher bracket of price, but it is worth it as it has lots of features and technologies to enjoy.

Daiwa Massage Chairs Pegasus

This chair is designed to be a customizable chair that fits all sizes. The chair is $9,950. There is a user-friendly remote to give you access to 18 pre-programmed settings for different massage treatments designed for relaxation and revitalization. Its shoulder and arms can extend to fit all types of users hence the name ‘Pegasus’. This is the only chair on the market that has a mechanized shoulder adjustment feature. Another advanced feature is the leg massager with a rotating shiatsu calf massager.

This chair has advanced 3D massage rollers which follow the natural contours of your body with 5 intensity levels to give you the best full-body massage. The 3D rollers have 3 automatic programs including the deep Shiatsu setting for the deepest of massages. Another great feature is the full body scan which maps your entire body before you begin the massage to make sure you receive an accurate and efficient massage. It also includes heat therapy which is a huge health bonus, along with a rocking rotation feature to help reduce anxiety and improve sleep.

The zero-gravity operation has two positions, so you can choose which one is the best for you. The airbags included give massages to your upper and lower body including your neck, shoulder, calves and feet. To receive a massage for your feet it includes a mechanized leg extender so no matter what your height you can receive a premium massage. This chair is high end and high quality with many more features to explore.


Osaki Massage Chair Maestro

This has an innovative design due to the fact that it combines a 4D roller mechanism along with an L track design. It is $8,950. The rollers also have the ability to vary in speed individually for a detailed, human-like massage. The L track design gives you a deep tissue massage across your whole body. Another great feature is the totally enclosed foot holds which gives a thorough massage including attention to your toe areas unlike other designs of massage chairs. It also has a quick button panel feature with a USB insert so you can use your USB device during your massage. The speakers are of very high quality, so the sound is clear and crisp while using a sound reducing technique, so you are fully immersed in your massage.

There is also a zero-gravity feature as well as heated massage rollers which mimic a hot stone massage to help relax your muscles. There is also a unique automatic mode which gives the chair a swinging type of motion, so you are gently rocked back and forth while receiving your massage. It also has a stretch mode which engages different airbags at different positions of the body and move to provide the body with a general stretch to help you relax your tense muscles. This chair is still on the higher end of the price bracket but it’s unique and advanced technology makes it well worth the investment for the ultimate massage.

Ogawa Fujimedic Massage Chair

This chair has some amazing features and is $8,999 on the market. It includes a 44-inch L-Track technology which can give you a full body massage with its wider coverage than other chairs. The heated 4D rollers give you an innovative heated, deep tissue, spine focused, human-like massage. The rollers also focus on specific acupuncture points to help keep you to your optimal health. The heat from the roller is designed to feel like real hands giving you a massage.

This chair is equipped with a back-scanning sensor which is a high-performance A.R.M microprocessor which combines the sensors built into the chair so it can respond quickly as well as accurately. Another great feature of this chair is the 3D heated knee therapy which uses air compression and heat to massage your knees. It also uses shiatsu foot rolling with an air pressure massage on your feet for advanced reflexology.

This massage chair has a total of 64 air bags throughout the chair along with 12 automatic programs for you to choose from. You can pick a massage such as Gentle, Thai, Swedish, Spine Care, Stretch, and many others. There is also an option to design your own massage in Custom Massage Mode. It also offers the zero-gravity feature along with a touch screen remote tablet and chromotherapy and Bluetooth speakers. The sophisticated designs of the chair are innovative themselves with PU leather and aluminum plated accents.

Johnson Wellness Synca Jp-1100 4D

This chair is made in Japan and is designed with high comfort and polished design in mind and has a retail price of $8,999. There are three colorvariations, so you can have your pick of what will look best in your home or office. It offers a zero-gravity position as well as invigorating massages to help relax you. It has 4D massage technology which means it can give you a Shiatsu massage while utilizing the rollers in many directions. You can also create your own custom massage to focus on particular parts of your back and body.

The Johnson comes with a high performance dual layer body sensor, so it can give you a massage contoured specifically to your body. Each of the massages can be accessed through the touch of a button and each massage is built to work to your body’s contours. The heating feature is designed to keep you cozy and comfortable while healing and helping your body and muscles. There is a heat pad that covers your chest and stomach, so you won’t need a blanket, and it even comes with pocket hand warmers to keep your fingers warm.

The Bluetooth speakers blend in the headrest, so your mind can be soothed while your body receives a massage. You can also hook your TV to the speakers, so you can watch your favorite show while relaxing. It has fingertipkeys, so you barely have to lift a finger in order to change the intensity, recline, or massage type.

Ogawa Smart 3D Massage Chair

This chair is considered a smart chair due to its innovative smart tablet and roller design. It is $6,999 at retail price. The smart tablet is used to control as well as customize the massage experience with the pre-installed Smart App which allows for high quality massaging with the touchscreen navigation. It has a 3-dimensional massage system and you can adjust the massage depth depending on your need for a deep tissue massage. The roller closely mimics that of a human hand for a real-time experience.

The rollers are also equipped with body scan technology, so it can memorize your body shape as well as your height to deliver the perfect massage techniques. Along with the body scan comes the air compression technology. They have the patented Smart Sense air cell technology which gently lifts and repositions the body as well as stretches and provides healthy compression for circulation and tense muscles. It has 64 airbags in total, all of which have their own sensors for optimal pressure and comfort.

There are 17 expertly designed automatic programs to choose from all of which can be accessed with one touch. These programs combine various massage techniques such as Swedish, Shiatsu, Rolling, Tapping, and Kneading. There is also the zero-gravity function. The chair also comes with a light on each side of the headrest to stimulate the biochemical and hormonal processes and help to relax you while receiving a massage. Along with this comes the Bluetooth speakers so you can listen to music as well.

Positive Posture Brio Massage Chair

This chair is designed to give you the relaxing relief you deserve after a long day. It is $5,999 at the retail price. It was developed over a period of two years from its manufacturers Positive Posture and is one of the best in its price range with 4D and smart design. It has the ability to customize massages to what you desire as well as already having ten expertly designed massage sessions installed. It has an intelligent soft massage mechanism which means it can change the intensity from soft to firm and creates the sensation of human thumbs on your back with the soft-to-touch massage rollers.

It’s innovative L-Track design reaches 47” in length from your neck to your bottom and has the curves it needs to help the massage rollers adhere to the contours of your back. Along with this comes the automatic body scan which reveals the position of your shoulders and customizes the massage according to your body shape and type. The air compression technology delivers a full body massage from fingertips, to the shoulder, and the hips to the feet. The foot rollers are designed to relieve tired and sore feet.

This chair also comes with infrared heat which means it can deliver relaxing heat to the lower back as well as the soles of your feet. In addition,this chair boasts the zero gravity feature which is designed to improve blood circulation. The remote control is also simple to use with the programs and features being easy to find and access.

Osaki Massage Chair OS-3D Pro Dreamer

This massage chair was designed to be as humanlike as possible and is $6,295 at retail price. The chair has an enhanced 3D mechanism which allows the rollers to extend up to 8cm for an even deeper massage. You can also change the intensity from 1 to 5 depending on how deep a massage you would like. The rollers are designed to feel like human hands with their twin roller design. The S-Track design allows for the chair to conform to the contours of your back and enhance the movements of the rollers. There are also a variety of techniques installed in order to target your acupoints with accuracy.

There chair has azero-gravity feature which can take place in two different positions. In addition, the chair has a computer body scan which uses a 3D point navigation system for pressure sense technology to virtually map your back. This gives the massage accuracy and efficiency. The leg scanner can also make adjustments depending on your leg length. The compression massage is for the whole body including the shoulders to the calves and feet. They use airbag technology to relieve your body with compression massage.

There are ten pre-set massage programs which can be adjusted and customized at will. Along with this is the foot roller which is designed to give a reflexology massage to your feet. The remote has a large LCD display which tells you the actions of the massage chair such as time left, intensity, speed, etc.

Fujita DR-91

If you are looking for a chair that does everything a higher priced massage does at an affordable price, this is the chair for you. This chair has so many features at $3,950 such as body scanning, 3D, L track, zero gravity, feet massage and bluetooth. The first incredible feature is the Artificial Intelligence Technology which simulates manual massage techniques. It will automatically massage the shoulder and neck area in auto modes and the rollers have a maximum of 5 inches reach for different intensity levels, of which there are three. This chair is better for those who do not like deep massages. Another great feature is the Far-Infrared Medical Effects which simply means it mimics that of a hot stone massage to help sooth pain and inflammation.

The L-Track design has a 50” super long shape along with rail technology meaning it is able to massage the neck, shoulders, hip, back, waist, and thighs. It also has a zero-gravity feature to make you feel weightless and help you to sleep at night while optimizing your posture at the same time. It has an SD Air Technology which provides large airflow with stable but heavy pressure, along with speed and the ability to sync the air massage for the upper and lower body. The air massage will relieve tension and boost circulation. This feature also provides a soothing massage for your head and scalp.

It provides an excellent feet massage with a 3-row foot massage and ankle press massage with a sole pressure swing design to relieve pain and aching from the feet. It is space saving and very quiet.

Daiwa Massage Chair Legacy 3D

This massage chair is very advanced and has the price of $9,000. It boasts the next generation of 3D roller which include another plane of movement for the roller instead of just a single surface. This extra movement allows the rollers to follow the contours of your body and you can choose which level of intensity you want out of the five that are available. There are three automatic programs which are specifically designed for the new 3D technology. The L-Track design has extra length and runs from the shoulders to the bottom of your gluts. This gives an advanced full body massage.

The body scan feature maps your entire back, so the rollers can conform to the shape of your back for a massage that is accurate and effective. The heat therapy targets the lumbar region to reduce tension, pain and relieve stress. It also features a rocking motion which reduces anxiety and helps you to sleep. There are two zero gravity positions to choose from for the ultimate weightless feeling.

The massage system is through the use of 48 airbags which gently stretch the muscles. Along with all of these relaxing features is the Bluetooth speaker system where you can plug in your phone or music device to listen to your favorite music while receiving your massage. The remote is easy to use and understand and gives you complete control over all the elements of the chair.

Overall Daiwa Massage Chair Legacy 3D feels the same as Daiwa Pegasus except that it does not have automatic shoulder width feature.

Final Thoughts

There are many benefits to investing in a massage chair such as the health benefits, long term cost effectiveness, convenience, and reduction in stress and pain over time, as well as having the ultimate relaxing experience. While these are excellent benefits which do come at a price, which can be rather expensive. However, massage chairs are an investment and will keep giving back over a long period of time and eventually save you money.

There is a lot to think about when trying to purchase a massage chair and a lot of features including durability, ease of use, remote control, warranty, and many more. It is always a good idea to do some research before you get overwhelmed with the specifications of each individual chair and end up picking something you don’t want.

Here we have gone through the best massage chairs on the market and explained their features and advantages, so you can have all of the knowledge before you decide to buy one. It all depends if you want the best of the best and are willing to pay for it, or are on more of a budget and willing to have a less advanced unit. Either way, your massage chair is sure to bring you much joy and relaxation. So, whether you go for the LuracoiRobotics 7 Plus Massage Chair (17) for its awards and advanced features or the Fujita DR-91 for its lower cost and more simple functions, we are sure you willgain many benefits from your massage chair purchase.

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